ABOUT Northern Wheel Aligners

For over 30 years, Cairns and Fnq have trusted the experienced team at NWA to assist in their motoring needs.

With an extensive Motorsport background and a genuine love for the automobile, Graham has assembled the best team possible to understand your individual needs and requirements for your car.

Because our primary focus is under-car steering and suspension, you can be rest assured we know what we’re doing, as everything from suspension lift kits to steering wheels, tie rods to tail-shafts, well that’s our bread and butter, and that’s what we do best.

If you’ve got a steering wheel wobble or you want a GVM upgrade. We can help.

We’ll do our best for our customers, always.

We know the difference between a quick and cheap alignment as supposed to an individual tailored solution/assessment suited to our local vehicles driving on our local roads.

" If its Bump, stop and steer- that’s Northern Wheel Aligners Cairns "


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